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The Sanctuary Concert Hall brand has been a long time coming.  Many who have experienced performances in this space have known that the sound quality is excellent, and now research has determined that in fact the acoustics in this performance space are comparable to famous venues like Carnegie Hall and Boston Symphony Hall.  

Located in St. John's United Church of Georgetown and Glen Williams, 11 Guelph Street, Georgetown, The Sanctuary Concert Hall's architectural design dates back well before electronic sound amplification was available.  Therefore sound clarity had to be designed into the building itself with curved walls and ceilings, arches and chancels to enhance volume and clarity.  As a result, we enjoy these benefits in The Sanctuary Concert Hall to this day.  Certainly, not many newly designed churches are nearly as focused on architectural sound quality because electronic amplification can overcome many shortcomings.

The Sanctuary Concert Hall (TSCH) is a unique space that allows for many types of performances due its flexible seating and raised stage design.  Musical theatre to lectures, book readings to corporate meetings, all can be accommodated in this performance space. Any event will simply sound better in The Sanctuary Concert Hall! 

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