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St. JUCY is the name chosen by our youth group members for our CE youth group. St. JUCY is an acronym for St. John’s United Church Youth and is pronounced “Saint Juicy”. St. JUCY formed in April 2018 to serve the Christian Education needs of our older, more mature youth in a programme distinct and separate from the children’s programme offered in G.A.M.E.; an affirmation by these youth of their interest in returning as active members of St. John’s to enjoy a programme that supports their stated learning goals.


Teens engage in activities about their faith, the environment, community service, and recreation on one or two Sundays a month. The group focuses on enjoying the church experience, deepening relationships with each other and with caring adults, and investigating topics of interest to them. St. JUCY meets in the church parlour, sometimes joining the congregation in the sanctuary for the beginning of our worship service, sometimes reserving their hour for their programme before joining everyone at coffee time. They occasionally meet on Saturday afternoons for hikes or other activities that are purely social in nature.

For more information, please call or email the church office: 905-877-2531 or

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