MINISTER: Rev. Norm Hennig-Pereira 

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Rev. Norm completed his Bachelor of Education degree, followed by two years of music, at the University of Calgary.  His path took a new direction when his avocation as a youth leader at his home church became his calling to ordered ministry.  He has a Master of Divinity degree and studied theology in Berkeley, California; Waterloo, Ontario and at Emmanuel College in Toronto.  He was ordained in 1989, and his first call was to a two point rural charge in central Ontario, this call was followed by calls to churches in Montreal and Etobicoke.  Rev. Norm’s vocational interests include spiritual practices, worship and music, helping people make practical and down-to-earth connections to the wisdom contained in the stories of faith, pastoral care, stewardship of the earth’s resources, social justice and the use of technology and social media in the church.  Rev. Norm has a keen interest building an intercultural community that welcomes all regardless of who they are.  Rev. Norm has been a part of a number of social media projects, including his personal blog: Some samples of Rev. Norm's messages can be found on YouTube, here.

(Minister Office Hours: Thursdays: 12:00pm to 2:00pm)



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Katharine is an active member of St. John's...beautifying the worship services with liturgical dance, prayers and the occasional sermon. Katharine effectively manages the church office, keeping everyone connected, while ensuring all details are handled with gentleness, care, spirit, and impeccability. She has over 25 years' office management experience and has been a Level Two Reiki Practitioner since the spring of 2012. She joined St. John's as the Office Administrator in September 2012.

(Church Office Hours: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri: 9:00am to 1:00pm; Wed: 11:00am to 3:00pm Katharine is working from home during this pandemic)

TOGETHERNESS: Katharine Krul and Norm Hennig-Pereira

Together, Katharine and Norm lead a midweek Stillpoint worship service on Tuesdays at 12:10pm. Both are held in the Georgetown sanctuary.


Norm Hennig-Pereira


Mark Peterson

Katharine Krul