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In total, there are close to a 100 of us on the Welcoming Team including Easy Worship Tech Team members. We serve at each Sunday service as greeters, ushers, tech team and pre- and post-service refreshment providers. There are some who act as a greeter one week and then as an usher another week and then prepare and serve coffee and refreshments on another Sunday.  Tech Team volunteers, through the use of our computer projection system, provide us with well-prepared visual presentations of our services including hymns and prayers and sometimes, videos. We are blessed to have such dedicated people in our congregation who help with all these activities.  Would you like to join?


Each week we have Lay Readers to help with Sunday services. We have bridged the gap between pulpit and congregation. We bridge the gap between minister and people. We bridge the gap between God and ourselves...and suddenly God doesn't seem so far away. We realize our voice, is God's voice. Scripture readers are given the bible reading each week and can come up to the pulpit during the worship service to read aloud the selected reading.

For more information, please call or email the church office: 905-877-2531 or

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