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•    To appoint a Trustee as a member of the committee
•    To inspect regularly all church property and to insure that is kept clean and well maintained.
•    To maintain fire prevention, detection, and escape procedures as required by insurers and the Fire Marshall. 
•    To provide caretaking and maintenance services for all church equipment and properties.
•    To oversee the Rental Committee and appoint one member to the Rental Committee.
•   To oversee, through the Rental Committee, the use or rental of our church and equipment by individuals, groups or organizations, subject to approval by the Council, and to inform the caretaker and Office Administrator of the terms for such use.
•    To organize building repair, construction, or landscaping projects, and the timely replacement of furnishings, either within budget or, if in excess of budget, with Council approval.
•    To determine the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act; to determine whether our church meets the requirement of the Act and to notify the Chair of the Property Committee of these findings; to determine the date(s) when St. John’s is required to comply with the Act and notify the Chair of the Property Committee of these findings.
•    To keep an inventory of all church structures, furnishings and equipment, in co-operation with the Trustees, to provide to Council a long range plan for their replacement, to keep a log of all expenditures, improvements, and warranties, and to deposit copies of pertinent documents, plans and warranties with the Office Administrator.

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