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The book group is not a club. There are no specific members and very few rules. You don’t even need to read the book. About 5 times a year, we gather at the home of one of our volunteers and meet to discuss the book. There is food and lots of lively conversation.

2024 Books:

Mon. Jan. 15.  Lessons in Chemistry/Garmus
Tues. Mar. 19. The Watchmaker’s Daughter/Loftis
Wed. May 15. The Book of Lost Names/Harmel
Mon. Sept. 23. The Outside Boy/Cummins
Tues. Nov. 19. “Pick a Biography” - anyone you want

2023 Books:

Tues. Jan. 17 - The Palace Papers/Brown
Wed. March 22 - The Giver of Stars/Moyes
Mon. May 15 - The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett/Lyons
Tues. Sept. 19 - Looking for Jane/Marshall
Wed. Nov. 22 - The English Wife/Chinn

2020 Books:

Jan. 21 - Where the Crawdads Sing
Mar. 25 - Himself
May 25 - The Wake: The Deadly Legacy of a Newfoundland Tsunami
Sept. 29 - The Alice Network
Nov. 25 - A Bend in the Stars

2019 Books:

Wed. Jan. 16 “My Secret Sister “
Mon. Mar. 18 “A Gentleman in Moscow”
Tues. May 21 “Educated”
Wed. Sept. 25 “Home for Unwanted Girls”
Mon. Nov. 18 “Becoming”

Would you like to be on this e-mail list? For more information, please call or email the church office: 905-877-2531 or

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