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Where I'm from....

...inspired by my friend whose grandson had to write one of these at school....

I am from grilled cheese sandwiches in the basement at Simpson’s

I am from playing hide and seek until the street lights came on

I am from riding my bicycle to and from a softball practice

I am from the hill in New Brunswick from our home down to the water

I am from sitting alone in the halls in high school

I am from writing songs and poems about myself

I am from sitting by my pool

I am from not ever learning to do the front crawl

I am from sitting on my bed to do my homework

I am from watching Gilligan’s Island with my brother and walking together to the ice cream shop

I am from babysitting with my sister and playing dolls in the tree

I am from being a middle child and not always knowing my place

I am from falling off my bike and not remembering how

I am from playing school during the teachers’ strike

I am from Yorkshire puddings and roasted potatoes

I am from a mom who cares about her family

I am from learning to play cards with my Dad

I am from learning to breathe as an infant

I am from forgetting to breathe during my teens

I am from re-learning to breathe once again

I am from being really super scared and really super brave, at the same time

I am from keeping my cupboards organized but not letting it keep me up at night

I am from few friends who are my best friends

I am from doors that close and windows that open

I am from listening and honesty, from trust and compassion

I am from finding the balance in life

I am from a husband who loves all of me

I am from tea and warm blankets on my feet

I am from sand between my toes and hoping for more

I am from wishes and prayers

I am from running out of time and from having all the time in the world

I am from dancing in my head, to dancing in my church

I am from an endless supply of tears

I am from a smile that comes from my soul

I am from singing my daughters to sleep and from our snuggles in the morning

I am from the dirt in my garden shoes

I am from receiving a diagnosis

I am from not allowing that diagnosis to have me

I am from watching my Dad live and then watching him die

I am from love.

I am from God.

©kekrul, November 30, 2011

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