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We Went to the Mountain

I am being Called somewhere and can’t name it yet. I can’t name the “where” or the “what” ~ to which I am being Called. While I breathe and wait and look for my mountaintop, my friend found one, and we went. We finally did it!!!

And away we went, to the mountain, with this intention:

Let’s sit and not say anything at all, knowing that God will fill in the silences. Let’s cry a little or a lot, knowing when we do, it is the nectar of the Lord reaching out from our soul to touch our cheeks. Let’s laugh at our vulnerabilities (knowing that “abilities” is hidden within this word).

We walked a path. We walked it together. And we looked for a “spot” to sit. We watched vultures flying overhead ~ many, many vultures. We talked and we listened to each other and to God.

Mountains high near the heavens - solid and secure

Trees growing out of rocks with roots running the surface of the ground

Trees which seem to grow sideways off the cliff and then suddenly reach for the sky

It got me to thinking. Aren’t we all a bit like that tree? A story to tell, a history to share? From the outside, that person over there seems so put together and strong...but we all have a bit of a bend in our tree, don’t we?

As we sat on rocks of huge proportion, I noticed little blades of vibrant green grass growing in the cracks. How can it be that grass can even root itself in such shallow cracks? How can it be that the grass is growing and thriving when we haven’t had enough rain in the past few months to fill a thimble? Once again, the earth has much to teach me. To hang tight, to dig deep and connections will be made. Some grass will brown up, but some will green up too. All in our own time.

We paused and gazed at the wondrous earth below. We held the silences and the moments of pain, with honour and respect. We laughed at each other’s silliness and we acknowledged each other’s strengths.

We went looking for our mountain and found brick walls and caves. The brick wall...protecting us from the edge, or perhaps protecting the edge from us. Was there a way? How could we get closer to the edge? Could we climb the wall or find a gap in the wall? And below our “spot” there were caves...too many to count – too far away to get to, but none too far for our eyes. We peered down as if to see into the secrets of the mountain. We looked into the darkness as the hot sun shone on our shoulders. I looked into the caverns right underneath me and wondered out loud that if I were to climb down and stay there, would anyone notice my absence at all ~ perhaps this is one of my “bends in the tree”.

Time seemed to stand still that day at the mountain. One day soon I will go back, with my pen and paper and God whispering tales of love and light into my ear.

May you take this moment...pause when you need to, get your footing and take your time. There will always be a gap in the wall, and God will help you find it.

©kekrul, July 23, 2012

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