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Waiting for Snow

Waiting for Snow

When it snows on my garden....

• Sedum; dark red and rubbery leaves

• Roses; flowers no more, but still I see the thorns

• Grasses, brown not green, but plumes oh so very delicate as they blow in the wind

• Butterfly Bush; dark purple flowers now just a memory

• Hydrangea; gigantic white flower heads, drying and crumbling

• Japanese Maple; the branches are bare now, and the leaves sit on my walkway not quite ready to blow away from me

• Irises; variegated, fragrant, purple and white, yellow and orange – trimmed greens waiting to surprise me next spring

• Dawn Redwood Tree; copper feathery leaves, sitting in the earth now

As I wait for the first snow fall, I watch my garden as it slowly comes to rest. The grasses are dried up now...but I leave them, so that I will see them all winter long. My trees are bare, leaves at their feet.

I can’t wait for it to snow!! Why, you ask? I don’t ski, or snowboard. My feet are always cold. I wear thick winter coats. I sit under blankets and use a heating pad. But when it snows, it reminds me of my Dad. My garden is one of the places I go to heal, but in the late fall and winter, my garden is resting, so there’s not much for me to do here. I miss my Dad. He helped me plant my entire garden just 4 months before he suddenly passed away. I remember digging in the earth with him. I remember us sharing tools, sharing laughs and drinking tea under the autumn sun.

So, you see....I can’t wait for it to snow. The snow is God’s way of connecting us to the heavens.

“With the snowflakes all around, it feels like heaven reaching down, to tell us here on earth we’re not alone.” Amy Sky – I sang this piece of music at church.

When it snows, I look up to God with thanks for the reminder that my Dad is watching over me. The snow and the cold, asking us to pause, to move with care, to re-group, to rest, and to recharge.

When you look closely, may you notice that each snowflake is different. So many angels falling gently onto our shoulders, into our hair, onto our tongues, and covering our gardens in a blanket of love...connecting us to God, to Spirit, and to the heavens. May your senses be filled and overflowing upon the first snowfall, the last snowfall, and all that fall in between.

©kekrul, November 16, 2011

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