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Thank you...a birthday thought

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes today.

I am so BLESSED:

- to feel what I feel

- to live where I live

- to know what I know

- to love who I love

- to miss what I miss

- to say what needs saying

- to leave when it is time

- to come when I am Called

- to learn what needs learning

- to move towards the “right”

- to walk away proudly from the “wrong”

- to stop when I can’t go

- to go when I can’t stop

- to trust in the truth

- to not believe the lies

- to connect so deeply to all that is Good

- to let go of all that isn’t

- to cry when I am sad

- to laugh when the joy just spills out

- to be in a quiet space when there is noise all around

- to learn and soak it all in

- to have a family and love them to the moon and back

- to walk in pain, through pain, overcoming pain

- to remain hopeful when I am in a moment of despair

- to feel surrounded amidst the loneliness

- to look beyond the stars

- to sing when the song cannot be contained

- to dance when I cannot sit still

- to write when my soul longs for the words to become flesh.

I am so, so thankful, and so, so blessed....for it is in the darkness when I saw the is in the darkness when death and illness came like a gale force wind, knocking me to my knees, where I learned what being blessed feels like.

It is here where the real work is done. It is here where I had the “aha” moment and discovered my authentic self. It is here where the gale force winds of my soul got me to my feet ~ that day and each day since. It is here where I shall stay – in a place of hope and love and light and peace.

©kekrul, February 23, 2014

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