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Sometimes the tears just spill out of me when I didn’t even know they were there. My cheeks get flushed and I get that stinging feeling in the back of my throat. Sometimes I can blink them away, but usually I don’t. My voice goes away and I just want my bed, my covers and a cup of hot tea. Sometimes I just need to have that good cry.

The cry represents life and all that I process. It represents fear of my own inadequacies. It represents how I am feeling in the moment. It represents physical and emotional pain. It represents the nectar of God, my sacred space inside me spilling out onto my cheeks. It represents vulnerability and it represents bravery.

I love who I am, and how I have come to be who I am. Each moment that I walk this earth, I am learning to “love what is” in all aspects of my life. So when I cry in a room full of adults or in front of my children, I trust and know that it was meant to happen in the way that it did.

And I know this to be true. When I cry, I make more room for joy ~ and somehow the tear ducts will fill back up again, and when my face needs a baptismal wash, they are ready and waiting.

©kekrul, September 18, 2012

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