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Notice what you have, when you have it.

When we can’t feel our toes, we wish for sensation.

When we catch a cold, we wish we could breathe.

When our back aches, we hope to stand tall.

When it rains, we wish for sunshine.

When there is too much sunshine, we wish for the clouds.

When the grass grows too long, we cut it.

When the grass dies back, we seed it.

When we are exhausted, we wish for strength to get through the day.

When our children keep us going, we wish for a break.

When our children grow up and move along, we wish they would come back.

When we are silent, we wish for words.

When we say too much, we regret it.

When we are sad, we wish for happiness.

When we are lost, we hope to be found.

God teaches us to love what is, this very moment. It’s a big lesson and we are learning it over and over again.

May you love the moment you are in, right now.

Love that you can greet the day as you are. Love that you can choose to smile and get out of bed. Love that you can feel the warmth on your shoulders. Love that God that loves you. Love each step you take and each breath you make.

And most of all, love the beautiful soul that rests inside you…for that is real beauty. God created you, and God loves you.

Choose love, and love will choose you.

©kekrul, June 24, 2013

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