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Behold the Tree

Behold the tree.

The one that stands alone.

The one that stands among others.

Autumn: you give away the green to share your colourful brilliance…your authentic self…only to let it all go.

Winter: you trust in the roots beneath the soil, to hold you and support you. You don’t shy away and you stand as proud as ever.

Spring: you courageously sprout new buds. You open your branches and let the leaves begin to grow.

Summer: you fill out yourself, with everything you have. Your fullness showcases your power and you provide shade for those underneath you.

May we, as humans, learn from you, oh tree.

To be okay with changing, falling, standing, growing, or resting.

As our body, mind, and spirit change over time, may we find comfort in the changes and the things that stay the same. May we find care in the brokenness and the parts of us trying to heal. May we be proud of our successes and the successes of others…and may we nurture the wounds in the infinite loop of healing.

Oh behold the tree.

Oh but hold me, and I, too, will hold you.

Oh be kind TO me and be kind WITH me.

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