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A week or so ago, I looked out my window and saw my tree with all its leaves on the ground. But yet it stood so strong, rooted in the earth and branches reaching for the heavens. I had been having a rather vulnerable day...feeling as if my integrity was being questioned. Emotions were surfacing and so I prayed. This is when I noticed my tree. The tree was my counsellor. It invited me to stop and breathe and feel...

I stood up and imagined I, too, was a tree. My feet firmly planted on Mother Earth, and my arms outstretched to the sky above. I moved and swayed as if Spirit Wind were passing through my living room. And I looked to the floor underneath me, recognizing that sometimes our leaves need to fall off too. Sometimes these leaves of ours blow around, and every so often a leaf hangs on when all the others have blown away. I walked out of the room that day feeling content about how I was feeling. I was reminded in that brief moment that emotions and thoughts always come and I can choose to hold onto them or let them drop to the floor and blow away with the wind.

May this day offer us a connection to something far greater than ourselves. May we breathe in the gift of understanding and not understanding, knowing that either is fine, and knowing that we “are” because God “is”.

I invite you to stop and look today. What do you see?

©kekrul, October 24, 2011

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