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Angels in our midst

I was asked to offer a prayer of blessing over the poinsettias. Each year, members of our church can purchase a poinsettia in memory of a loved one no longer with us. And each year, our sanctuary is enveloped in beautiful flowers. I read this prayer of mine at Sunday’s service...

I see beautiful red poinsettias throughout our space today. They are scattered about...before us, behind us and around us. To me, it’s like scattered memories and reminders of loved ones who aren’t with us this season. To me, it’s like breathing in the beauty of something growing with the sun’s light and rain from the heavens. To me, it’s watching something grow, and knowing that life doesn’t stop or rewind.....even when we want it to. To me, it’s like hanging onto Peace, and sensing Spirit filling our souls with beautiful colours. To me, it’s knowing there are roots in the bottom of each of these pots, like connections to who we are and who we might become.

Dear God, thank you for the sun today. Thank you for being present to each one of us, even when we forget sometimes that You are at our side. Thank you for the memories of our Loved Ones....thank you for the gift of their presence in our lives, even if they left our side before we were ready. Spirit, when we wake up wishing for one more day, may You hold us gently, hold us always, surrounding us in Your love. Please God, continue to show us that our Loved Ones can be found deep within our hearts, in our smiles, in our tears, on each breath that we take, and in the flowers enveloping us this day.

Peace and Love to all this season. Amen.

©kekrul 2011

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