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A New Day will Begin Tomorrow

It just makes “cents”....this is what I did today. I took two green bins full of pennies to help Habitat for Humanity build a home. I drank tea. I texted my daughter while she was far, far away. I trusted in a beautiful mama to watch her closely. I was treated to a lovely lunch atop a wonderful little cafe overlooking a little town. I shared my dreams and fears. Saw someone from the west coast while missing another someone who is across the ocean. I watched papa red-winged blackbird protect his new babies. I shopped in a little drug store and shared giggles as this was the only shop nearby while we waited...mints for my glove box and lip balm for my purse. I immersed myself in my book under the setting sun. I won the battle against a tunnel vision headache, some sparkles and altered vision. I gave myself Reiki. The universe is listening. Gifts for my mouth asking me to speak up. Gifts for my soul asking me to be brave. Gifts for my eyes to see shining stars of hope and light right before me. Gifts from the universe that I am not alone...that I am here...that I am healing...that I am well...that I am me.

Dear God,

Help us to take in this moment, breathe in our day and don't miss a second of it. May we live to our fullest, embracing the gifts by which we are surrounded. We know you are with us God, and we know there is only "now". We have ourselves and it is "your" reflection looking back at us in the mirror. May we have the courage to say how we feel and say what we need. And may we always treat others with respect and love...knowing that these, too, are things we long for ourselves.


If you aren't sure, breathe and God will help you.

©kekrul, May 29, 2012

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