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A Gift at Lunchtime

A Gift at Lunchtime

Today, I proctored a two hour exam in Toronto. I brought my favourite book with me... “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem” by Wayne Dyer. This book grabs me, and pulls me in, each time I pick it up. Today was no exception. I re-read pages upon pages about energy and high vibrations, and how we are attracted to people who are uplifting. It’s about placing our focus and energy on the things we want in life, and not placing our focus and energy on the things we don’t want. After the exam was finished, I headed back to my office in Mississauga. It was almost noon hour and I was hungry, so I stopped for lunch at an outdoor strip mall. I stepped inside to the sound of the chef clinking his cooking utensils as he cooked up the vegetables. I ordered my meal and watched him cook my food. Little did I know what was going to happen next.

The man behind the counter, pick up a metal can of spices and shook them over the veggies, but he tapped the can with his spatula, which resulted in sounds and vibrations and overtones. He did it deliberately and with intent. I instantly got goosebumps.

He said to me, “Did you hear the high sounds reverberating? That’s energy.” I said, “Yes, I did.”

He said that he likes to use sound to raise the energy level in his restaurant. I smiled from ear to ear, and told him I completely understood. Then, from behind the stove, he held up his hands and drew a wide circle around me, and said to me that I was surrounded in a beautiful light, and am drawn to higher frequencies. He said that the light around me is being sent out to others. I was simultaneously stunned and humbled and amazed at this experience at my pit stop for lunch.

How is it that I happened upon a man who would speak of the same things that I had read about just thirty minutes earlier?

This book, that continues to call my name...first spoke to me after my Dad passed away in 2009. About two and a half years ago, I headed out to my choir rehearsal, but I left early for some reason or another. On my way to choir, I stopped in our local mall and dropped into the bookstore. I picked this book off the shelf and turned it over...on the back, were the words of the “Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi”. – the same words that I sang at my Dad’s memorial service just two weeks prior to my bookstore visit. I knew this book was meant for me to read. This book was meant for me to breathe into my soul. This book was meant for me to embrace in my heart. This book was meant for me to keep reading.

Life’s lessons are sometimes wrapped up in little reminders. Sometimes it takes several reminders to realize we are being taught something.

Are you called to look at something over and over again? A book? The moon? Your garden?

©kekrul, November 10, 2011

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