Katharine is an active member of St John's...beautifying our worship services with liturgical dance, prayers and the occasional sermon.  Katharine's home studio in Georgetown, "A Healing Way", offers Nia, Reiki and Yoga. She is a White Belt Nia Instructor and a certified Level Two Reiki Practitioner. She joined St. John's as the Office Administrator in September 2012. We are so thankful for her presence in the church office.

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    July 31, 2013

    I am on a clear path, yet there is so much fog.  I am praying more deeply than ever and sometimes I am overwhelmed with a feeling of God at my side, God on my side, and God inside. ~ and sometimes the little voice in my head says “don’t believe, and God isn’t there at all.” I don’t like that little voice. There are people in my corner reminding me, showing me, and trusting in me. Thank you S and K and J and G.

    When the little voice gets pushed aside, God is right there waiting for me, gifting me with a “God moment”. Recently I was on a family holiday in Alaska and I was called to step into a local shop where I hoped to find an Inukshuk. I don’t know why I have been drawn to them...perhaps it is their stance, or the strength of each piece supporting the next one; I am not sure. So, in a store filled with totems, I couldn’t find the Inukshuks at first, but then my daughter called me across the store and she had found some, all different sizes.  As I stepped closer to the display case, there was a song playing on the CD player just underneath where I stood.

    “How Great is Our God” by Chris Tomlin

    (click here to listen)

    The splendor of a King,

    clothed in majesty
    Let all the earth rejoice
    All the earth rejoice

    He wraps himself in Light,
    and darkness tries to hide
    And trembles at His voice
    Trembles at His voice  

    How great is our God, sing with me
    How great is our God, and all will see
    How great, how great is our God 

    Age to age He stands
    And time is in His hands
    Beginning and the end
    Beginning and the end

    The Godhead Three in One
    Father Spirit Son
    The Lion and the Lamb
    The Lion and the Lamb 

    Name above all names
    Worthy of our praise
    My heart will sing
    How great is our God

    How great is our God, sing with me
    How great is our God, and all will see
    How great, how great is our God

    ~ deep sigh ~ how great is our God.... This song was a sign from God, and the Inukshuk took my breath away.  After having a rough couple of months, I was enveloped in Light and filled with hope once again. I felt my Dad’s presence and I began to weep. The tears spilled out of me. I had no words. It was heaven-sent.

    You may call them coincidences, but I call them “God moments”. We are called to a place or a space or to someone or to somewhere...and when we pause, what we need is right there in front of us. That moment, in that store, on that street, on that shelf, called me closer and closer and God’s love came pouring from my soul and enveloped me.  And what still gets me to this day? My Inukshuk needs me as much as I need it...it’s just that I didn’t know it yet.

    I decided to look up the traditional meaning of the Inukshuk, and here is what I found: “you are on the right path."

    ~ another deep sigh ~

    ©kekrul 2013



    On Thursday, August 15, 2013, Sandy said:

    Thanks for that, Katharine......I enjoyed reading your blog very much - especially the part about coincidences being God-moments. I have experienced many of these happenings and at first they appear to be luck or a random event, but when you think about it, they feel more like a part of a plan. Like running into a good friend 3 different summers at the same, hectic farmer's market on Bruce Peninsula, yet we both live in Georgetown. A friend who lost her husband far too soon and needed these God-moments, too. These types of things happen so often, probably to everyone but we have to make sure we are open to what is really going on when we experience one. I love Inukshuks too - to me, they also symbolize strength, stability, beauty while they proclaim, "I was here and I wanted to leave my mark on this earth." I think deep down, we all do in one way or another. Thanks so much, Katharine for your words and your sharing. Sandy


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