Katharine is an active member of St John's...beautifying our worship services with liturgical dance, prayers and the occasional sermon.  Katharine's home studio in Georgetown, "A Healing Way", offers Nia, Reiki and Yoga. She is a White Belt Nia Instructor and a certified Level Two Reiki Practitioner. She joined St. John's as the Office Administrator in September 2012. We are so thankful for her presence in the church office.

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  • Jan8Fri

    Always Learning

    January 8, 2016

    I have read a few quotes over the past little while....both have stuck with me.

    A boat will only sink if it lets the water inside.
    Nothing in nature blooms all year. Be patient with yourself.

    Maybe they speak to where I've come from, and where I'm at today....and that's okay. This past year, I had a tough and rough go and am continually learning to let go and let God. When I fully give myself permission to release the heaviness or hurting words, the ache subsides and I can move and breathe again.

    May we know that Spirit is with us, always and forever.
    May we always know we are good and doing good.
    And mostly, may we know we are never alone.


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