Our Faith


We are a progressive congregation whose spiritual life engages both heart and mind.  We express our faith through intelligent dialogue, a strong worship tradition and music program, and leadership within the wider community.  While respecting relevant parts of our history and heritage, we are open to sharing new interpretations of theology and service in changing world that is always changing.

St. John's United Church of Georgetown and Glen Williams is part of the United Church of Canada.  The United Church is the largest Protestant denomination in Canada with close to 3,500 congregations across the country.  Known for its inclusive nature and strong commitment to social justice, the United Church focuses on those often overlooked in society.

The attributes of our approach to faith include: 

Achieving Personal Faith

  • build deep personal relationships
  • seek personal transformation
  • engage both emotion and intellect
  • offer a new way of looking at faith
  • value all ages
  • reach out to the needy
  • translate faith into action

 Connecting and Reaching Out

  • welcoming to everyone
  • work with the poor to improve their situation
  • emphasize helping people
  • respects all people
  • work for justice in the world
  • respect the earth and the environment: God’s creation

Questing and Embracing

  • encourage questioning
  • respect personal freedom and choice
  • build relationships with other faiths
  • open to change
  • celebrate lifestyles

We are not a church that has short, simple, definitive answers on the questions of life.  We are instead a congregation where you can experience warmth and acceptance as we explore possible answers to those questions together.  You are welcome to join us to think, feel and experience God in Jesus Christ. God is listening and so are we!

Please click here to read our "Communication Guidelines".

Relive a sermon

175th Anniversary

Dressed in period costume, our former minister Jeff Davison enthralled listeners at the May 29 2011 old-time revival service in the tent at Glen Williams. What was happening in 1836? What happened at the "bees" which early settlers held here? Whose theology provided the roots for our faith, and how might their thinking be applied to Stanley Cup playoffs this month?  Click here.



We chose St. John's as our church family because we found them to be a warm, welcoming, and open-minded community.
Scott C.